How many lamps are in the package?
The packages contain everything you will need to operate 4 LED lamps.

Do you have to use all four lamps?
You may choose to use one, two, three, or four lamp assemblies in any combination as long as you connect the bridge rectifier assembly to the lamp assemblies. Since I include two bridge rectifier assemblies in each package, you have options. All four can be attached to one bridge rectifier assembly, or you can do three and one, or two and two.

What voltage do they operate at safely?
The lamp assemblies will operate(with the bridge rectifier attached) at 6-19 volts AC/DC.

How do I know how to connect the assemblies?
The directions are detailed with graphics to help you. The main connections are color coded. The bridge rectifier assembly has two wires from each side of the unit…one set of wires is shorter than the other side. The shorter wires are red and black. These two wires connect to the lamp assemblies. The lamp assemblies have two “magnet wires” which are very fine and coated with a shellac to insulate them. These two wires are red and copper colored. After you slip a piece of shrink tube over the red wire, You will twist the red to red wires together and slip the shrink tube up over the connections and heat…causing the tube to shrink over the connection. Some would also solder the wires before shrink tubing the connection.

What if I want to shorten the wires?
The wires may be shortened, but once you clip them, the shellac must be removed for there to be a good electrical connection. You can accomplish this by sanding the end of the wire until the ends where the connections will occur are copper colored. You can also scrape the coating off by using the edge of an X-acto knife. Just be careful not to weaken the wire to the point it becomes fragile and breaks

How many led’s can be connected to one power source?
Hundreds of lights can be connected to a small transformer, such as an HO 12 volt accessory without issues.

Can I purchase extra bridge rectifier assemblies?
Yes, you can purchase them for $1.00 each plus shipping.

Do you have LED’S in different colors without the shades and shafts?
Yes, different colors are available, I currently have blue, green, red, warm white, and bright white. Yellow has been ordered. They will be about $3.00 each plus shipping.

How do you light the insides of your buildings?
I use a coiled strip LED lighting, operating at 12 volts and up. You may cut the light strip after 3-6 or 9 LED’s and the solder two wires to the edge. If you can solder, this is not a difficult task. There is a positive and negative symbol on the strip so wiring is pretty simple. These come in a five meter roll that is self stick and contains 300-400 LED’s equally spaced. All of the electronics are built in, connect two wires, and connect to power.

Where do you get your kits for your diorama’s?
I have built many manufacturer’s kits over many years, but have found the Bar Mills Kits to be the best fitting kits to date. The other kits have gotten better and better due to laser cutting, so I will be building many manufactured kits for customers and my own personal collection. I am currently working on a kit from Altoona Model Works which is very well done.

Do you do any discounts?
I am willing to do discounts for O-Gauge Forum Members ($1.00 off every two kits ordered).
I also run a show special of two packs for $40.00.
If you are a dealer or are interested in quantity orders (10 or more up to 100’s), please call for a significant discount. You will need your tax ID number as a business or group in most instances.

What kind of life do the LED’s have?
The LED’s have an expectancy of 100,000-200,000 hours of usage if operated at the suggested voltages.

How have they performed to date?
We have currently sold over 550 sets and have had one set with an issue(bad rectifier assemblies). That was resolved by sending another package…no charge. I believe in backing my product, as well as my reputation.

If you have other questions, ask them, and I will do my best to provide simple easy to understand answers when possible.

Rev. 2/15