Ogre Modeling, LLC began with my love of Lionel O-O-27 trains that I adored as a child. My father bought me my first train set the year I was born. I grew with this set each and every year thereafter. My father was a great teacher. As a machinist, he was quite talented at creating what he saw. About Thanksgiving each year he would retrieve the boxes from the attic and disappear to the basement that my siblings and I were banished from. Christmas eve would come and when we went to bed for the big day to follow our living room looked as it always did. Once asleep, the magic happened. The furniture vanished, four by eight platforms with loops of track mounted made it way to the living room. Multilevel, switches, steam and diesel locos, operating cars, rolling stock, trees, houses with lights, operating accessories, and snow…lots and lots of snow. I had a great teacher. As I grew older the job of train display became mine. I would take over the entire basement from November to January and opened the home for school tours (the school was 3 houses away) and hundreds of students enjoyed the layout for years. As I aged, like most teenagers, I developed other interests but I never quit on trains. I eventually developed an eye and interest in scenery for O-Gauge layouts, started building kits and found that there was a need for LED lighting for interior and exterior on buildings that was eye appealing. None were available. I decided to create some and experimented with many products. I wanted a bendable, warm white LED producing a shadow if a person or item was in it’s light path. It had to be easy to install, able to operate at voltages up to track voltage 16-18V, and have reliability.
What I ended with was a package containing four LED light assemblies that include the pan-style lampshade, pre-painted in three colors. The kit contains two bridge rectifier assemblies, and shrink tube pieces to cover the connections. The bridge rectifier assemblies allow the power source to be anywhere from 6-19 volts AC or DC. The detailed directions make it easy to connect. The package sells for $22.95 or 2 packages for $40.00. The LED’s have an operating life of 10,000-20,000 hours or more depending on voltages applied. They are available in green, grey-green, and rust. The bendable shaft is between 2 ½ inches and 3 inches long. There is also a ½ inch long shaft package, They are not bendable, but are great for under porches, and are stunning in roundhouses, industrial settings, and engine facilities. I hope to provide modelers with a quality product that will create stunning dioramas and layouts at a reasonable price. You can view photos of the LED packages, buildings that I have created with the LEDs mounted, some lit examples, and a few layouts and scenes that I have done. Let me know your thoughts about Ogre Modeling, LLC and I hope to be your Source for O-Gauge LED Lighting. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my company and product.
Pictures are available at: Ogremodeling.com.
Bulk pricing is also available for vendors.

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